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Dr Mellanie Rollans, has been a specialist practitioner with women, children and families for over 20 years. Mellanie is credentialed as a mental health nurse, also holds a Clinical Masters in Mental Health Nursing and completed her Doctorate in 2013 in Perinatal and Infant Mental Health. Mellanie has a private practice providing therapy in partnership with women and families who are experiencing mental health concerns such as postnatal depression or anxiety and supporting women through pregnancy loss and transitioning to parenthood. Mellanie primarily has a psychodynamic approach, having been trained in Narrative therapy, CBT and Mindfulness. Mellanie is also an Honorary Mental Health Academic at the University of Technology Sydney. Her experience as an national and international speaker denotes a flexible and adaptable approach to environments and social constructs. Mellanie has researched the specialised area of social and emotional wellbeing of women in the perinatal period and is a published author in this area.

Mellanie has a strong commitment to self- development and exploration, in partnership assists women and families to identify their needs, tools to overcome relationship challenges and various mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression. Ensuring a consistent, supportive and sustainable approach to therapy for individuals, couples and families. 

Dr Mellanie Rollans

Mental Health Nurse Consultant

Director of Whole Families Centre

Provider No: 4833301X

AHPRA No: NMW0001318040

Medicare subsides visits are offered and Mellanie is also a recognised ATAPS/PSS health provider

Please note for cancellations 24 hours prior or non attendance, full payment for session will be required.

'Mellanie's approach is calm and sensitive, I would recommend her to anyone who needs to take that first step and start to build a more authentic sense of self', Milne (36)

'After my time with Mellanie I felt like I could achieve the ambitions I really wanted for my life, she helped me feel confident in who I was and helped me understand that life isn't such a scary place.', Schofield, (28)

'Thank you for helping our family Mellanie' Scott, (8)

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