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Clinical and Organisational

Mellanie provides specialised consultation to women and families. Get the support you need to transition into parenthood. Dr Rollans' family focused sessions and wellness programs include one to one and couple sessions. Many couples moving through the parenting experience will want to gain some support for their relationship as it changes, couple therapy sessions are very popular and extremely rewarding in more ways than one. All sessions are designed to benefit the whole family. Whether its one to one or a whole family focus remember theres no "how-to" manual for you or for your baby, infant or child. Its about growing, adjusting and developing together. Mellanie will assist you to explore ideas about the kind of parent you want to be and to plan and prioritise how you will meet this need. With extensive experience working with specific concerns such as:

  • Transition to parenthood
  • Family focused interventions
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma - childhood, adult or pregnancy or birth

In partnership with you, this kind of therapy will assist you in all relationships with your family, friends, community and colleagues. For women who have experienced pregnancy loss home visits are also offered. Mellanie's vocational experience in health service design and management enables her to offer organisational, managerial or structural consultations to health environments where sustainable impact over time is required.


Education and Supervision

Mellanie provides education and training to midwives and nurses who work with women and families during pregnancy or after birth. Mellanie holds an Honorary Academic position at University of Technology Sydney where she consults and provides supervision to a PhD student and publishes international papers in mental health, specialising in perinatal and infant mental health. Mellanie provides education and training for midwives and nurses who work with women and families during pregnancy and after birth. Promoting engagement, focusing on the development of therapeutic relationships and is a trainer in Family Partnership Model. Health promotional workshops are also conducted in urban and rural communities and include topics such as transition to parenthood, becoming a mum and perinatal depression. Mellanie also provides supervision to health professionals who work in a health context with women and families.


Theses and Publications

Mellanie's doctoral thesis was completed in 2013 at Western Sydney University and investigated the early identification of women's social and wellbeing during pregnancy and after birth. The outcomes of this research advocated for women during the perinatal period and how they communicate about their social and emotional wellbeing. Providing health professionals, midwives and nurses, with a voice around their experience of working in partnership with women around sensitive topics such as social and emotional wellbeing.This work has informed state policy on the clinical practice in this area. Mellanie has presented both nationally and internationally and is published in international peer reviewed journals. Please click on Publication page to view recent international works.

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